Managed Detection and Response


Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service integrates both the technology and cybersecurity expertise to perform threat hunting, round-the-clock monitoring and swift response to potential threats. 

By subscribing to our MDR solutions, we will monitor your organisation’s endpoints, networks and cloud environments and have a team of cybersecurity experts to promptly respond to any cyber threats encountered.  

Our Managed Detection and Response service is the core of our 24/7 Managed Security Operations Centre which include services such as: 

  • 24x7x365 Incident Handling and Response
  • Indicator of Compromise (IOCs) Blacklist Services
  • 24x7x365 Managed Security Console (Direct Monitor) Services

Managed Cyber
Threat Hunting

24/7 Threat Hunting: Leverage on multi-source intelligence and telemetry to detect advanced attacks, cybercriminals, and insiders. Receive expert guidance and clear reports on identified threats and potential impacts.

Managed Digital

See all your online threats in one place, with info from the whole web.​
Dark Web Exposure​​
Attack Surface Exposure​​
Phishing Exposure​
Credit Card Exposure​​
VVIP Exposure​​
Brand Exposure​

Managed Endpoint
Detection and Response

Provides unmatched visibility & threat detection in real-time. Combines advanced EDR, threat intelligence, and expert hunters to strengthen your endpoint security.

Managed Network
Detection and Response

Security simplified. Stops threats & insiders, no big team needed. See everything on your network. We fight threats 24/7, works with your security for better protection.


Incident Response

No-cost retainer: Get a plan outlining our help during a cyberattack, with costs only if we take action. ​
Prepaid retainer: Pay upfront for a set number of hours to use our experts for any cyber incident. Unused hours can go towards other security services.

How We Do It


Deploy automated rules & human inspection to differentiate true threats from harmless events and false positives. This results in better managed and high-quality alerts.

Threat Hunting​

Every cyber threat has a human element to it. Hence, our team of certified experts is needed to understand the true nature & aim of the threats. This helps to detect & alert elusive threats that automated defenses may have missed.


Our team of experts will help you swiftly understand threats by providing additional context to the security alerts. This enables a comprehensive understanding of the situation, including the timing, scope of impact, and perpetrator’s reach.

Guided Response​​

Armed with the understanding of the threats, expertise, skills, and tools we are able to deliver actionable advice on the best way to contain and remediate threats.


After understanding, prioritising and developing solutions for the identified threats, we focus on recovery; restoring systems to their pre-attack state. Some of the actions that we take are removing malwares, ejecting the intruders and find ways to patch the vulnerabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • To identify the unknowns Global security updates help your organisation to stay ahead of emerging threats.
  • There’s a gap in security stakeholders’ knowledge. Cybersecurity news overload makes filtering relevant threats difficult due to ever-growing, complex attacks.
  • Reduction of information processing time needed. We streamline cybersecurity news for faster processing as opposed to an in-house team.

Here’s when Managed SOC Services can help. We provide 24/7 monitoring and expertise without the burden of building an internal team in your company.

  • Build a better detection system.
  • Faster & more effective response.
  • Better decision-making.
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