Cybersecurity Awareness


Cybercriminals are relying on your users to fall for their tricks (e.g. phishing email, social engineering). Hence, it is vital to conduct cybersecurity awareness training or workshops to teach your team, colleagues and employees to recognize and handle potential security risks.

Our Cybersecurity Awareness Services can be tailored to your needs as we allow you to propose the topics you wish to cover. Or, if you are unsure, our team of experts can propose the topics after assessing your organisation’s needs and employee knowledge gaps.

Security awareness training and workshops should be conducted twice a year by professionals because the number and type of security threats continue to increase in both scope and sophistication. Hence, up-to-date knowledge is essential. 


Spot phishing scams: avoid suspicious links and attachments.

Password Security 

Mix letters, numbers & symbols. Don't use easy guesses. Consider password managers for safekeeping.

Data Protection

Secure sensitive data: encryption, sharing and storage.

Social Engineering

Unmask social engineering tricks (pretexting, baiting) and attacks. Learn to verify requests on sensitive information.

Safe Internet Usage

Public Wi-Fi and unsecured sites? Use a VPN, update software, stay safe.

Mobile Device Security

Learn why it matters, how to secure phones & tablets, and dangers of unknown app downloads.

Awareness Training

Engage employees with interactive cybersecurity training, simulations, and ongoing best practice reminders.

Incident Response

Empower employees to identify, report, and respond to cybersecurity incidents.

Cyber Hygiene

Practice good cyber hygiene: backup data, update systems.

Cybersecurity Policies

Empower employees with organisation’s cybersecurity measures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Knowledge gaps: If your employees are not sure how to spot and prevent cyber threats, it will create openings for attackers to exploit this gap. 
  • Poor immediate response among employees to report suspicious activity or potential attacks. This can give threats time to escalate.
  1. Increase user awareness.
  2. Foster diligence.
  3. Reduce cybercrime incidents.
  4. Free-up IT Resources.
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