Brand Protection


Brand monitoring in cyber security involves continuously monitoring the internet and digital platforms to detect and respond to cyber threats that could harm a company’s brand reputation or compromise its digital assets. It includes gathering threat intelligence, monitoring social media and domains, detecting phishing attempts, and implementing incident response plans to safeguard the brand’s image and online presence.

Attack Surface

Complete visibility of your digital footprint and addresses threats proactively. ​


Safeguarding your brand identity online from brand impersonation, phishing, and fraudulent domains.​

Cyber Threat

Leverage AI for continuous threat detection and improved security insights.​

Dark Web

Stay ahead of cyberattacks with peace of mind.


Advanced scanning, risk analysis, and rapid response solutions against cyber threats.

Takedown and

Remove fraudulent sites and content, and disrupt malicious campaigns.​

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here’s what you need to protect against when there is: 

  1. Unauthorised use of logos, trademarks, or images.
  2. Counterfeit products that hurt your brand and sales.
  3. Fraudulent websites and social media profiles that damage your reputation.
  4. Copyright and trademark infringement on your intellectual property.

Brand protection helps you monitor and address online issues that can damage your reputation, such as negative reviews, phishing attempts, and social media crises.

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